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Proposed Rulemaking from the CFPB: PBSA Mid-Year 2024 Cheat Sheet

Get insight into the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's 2024 advisory opinions and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
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How to Prevent Fraud with Identity Verification Solutions

As identity fraud continues to grow in volume and sophistication, companies should always try to stay one step ahead in the ID verification tactics they use to tackle this issue.

Webinar Recording & Recap | Trust & Safety by Design

Catch the recording from our virtual event, "Safety by Design." Learn how to optimize Trust & Safety practices throughout your user journey.

Webinar Recording & Recap | New Ways for Trust & Safety Leaders to Keep Communities Safe

Trust & Safety professionals agree that it’s becoming more challenging than ever to proactively control the safety of your communities. Generative AI and other tactics are just some of the ways that bad actors are impacting your platform. And no matter how tightly you plan your processes and policies, we continue to live in a reactive world.

Webinar Recording & Recap | Tessera Q4 Product Showcase

Catch the recording from our Q4 Product Showcase virtual event (10/12/23). We covered national criminal data, ACR, monitoring and identity verification.

Navigating the Future of FCRA Rule-Making in 2024: Predictions Recap from the PBSA Annual Conference

Read top predictions from PBSA on how the CFPB will interpret the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in 2024. Tips & advice for how to prepare.

How Car Rental & Carsharing Companies Prevent Fraud with ID Verification and Criminal Background Data

Incorporating Tessera's ID verification, criminal data, & driver history records can help mitigate car rental & carsharing fraud & damages.

Keep Rideshare Drivers Safe with Criminal Data Insights

Discover the indispensable role of criminal data in fortifying rideshare driver safety including strategies to increase driver retention.

Is Your Online Marketplace Ready for the INFORM Consumers Act?

Understand the INFORM Consumers Act & learn how Tessera Data's IDV offering can safeguard you from risk & fraud and enable your compliance.

TrustCon 2023 Recap

Explore the key themes from TrustCon23 and the potential opportunities arising from this highly successful conference.

Enhancing Community Safety: Integrating Criminal Data in Your Visitor Management System

See how integrating criminal data into your VMS enhances community trust & safety and gives you a competitive edge over other systems.

Strengthening Security Measures in Online Dating Platforms: The Crucial Role of Criminal Data

As online dating platforms thrive, there still remains untapped potential in leveraging criminal data to create a truly safe environment.

Musings from The Marketplace Risk Conference

Tessera Data continues to revolutionize how marketplaces can leverage criminal and motor vehicle data to mitigate risk. See how.

Access Automated Criminal Records in Arizona

Tessera Data can provide an Arizona court records search statewide for automated records that are available in all 15 counties. 

Motor Vehicle Record State DMV Fees

Knowing the cost of requesting a motor vehicle record is challenging with varying state DMV fees - get the transparency you need.

Gain Direct Access to Kansas Court Records: 40+ Counties and Counting!

Want to get real-time access to Kansas court records? Tessera Data has you covered with over 40 Kansas District Courts now covered!

Data Spotlight: Sex Offender Records

Learn all about the value of sex offender records and how to use them when making important people decisions.

How to Uncover the True Value of Motor Vehicle Records

Learn how to find and translate important driver history data into actionable insights that help you assess driver-risk.

Data Spotlight: On-demand Court Records

On-demand court records build the foundation for background screenings. Find out what they are, how they're used, and how to access them.

5 Top Pre-employment Background Screening Trends from PBSA 2022

As pre-employment background screening continues to evolve, so do the relevant trends you need to stay on top of. Here's the top 5.

10 Steps to Begin Conquering State-by-State MVR Compliance

MVR compliance is complex with each state having different regulations. Find out how to remain compliant in 10 easy steps.

4 Top FCRA Permissible Purposes: Mastering the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Learn about the four primary FCRA use cases to ensure you are staying compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The Clear Strategy: Using Automation and Court Runners for Faster Court Data

Times are changing and getting faster and better court data access means leveraging automated court records and court runners - not just one!

Understanding the Basics of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Stay compliant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act by learning how you can and cannot use people data as regulated by the FCRA.

Case Study: Using a Criminal Database for Private Investigator Success

Learn how private investigators leverage one of the industries largest criminal databases to save time and money.

The Ultimate Matching Game of Personal Identifiers

When conducting background screening, it's critical that you find the correct person. Personal identifiers are the missing piece.

How to Pull a Driving Record from Puerto Rico

Trying to navigate the ins and outs of pulling a Puerto Rico driving record can be challenging. Let Tessera help you get the data you need.

3 Automated Background Screening Solutions to Streamline Your Process

Discover hard to find criminal data quickly and with ease using key automated background screening solutions.

Understanding the Four Pillars of Inclusive Background Data Records

Understanding inclusive background data records is important for consumer reporting agencies to meet their data requirements. Find out why.

How Data-Led Insights Can Help Build Safer Online Communities

Discover people-risk solutions that drive data-led trust and safety insights to help you build safer communities, online and offline.

Background Screening Glossary

Acquire a deeper understanding of common background screening industry language with this glossary of frequently used terms.

Why Sex Offender Registries are a Crucial Piece of Criminal Data Searches

Understand why sex offender registries are so important in background screenings and how you can go about searching them.

The Importance of Background Check Turnaround Time in a Post-COVID World

Hiring employees faster can make the difference in securing your top candidate and missing out. Don't waste time waiting on background checks.