Background data solutions for Trust & Safety​

Build trust and safety within your community or marketplace via instantaneous Safety Screenings.

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Keep all members of your community safe

Screen drivers and riders, caregivers and those requesting care, visitors to public spaces, and users across your marketplace or online community platform. Take proactive measures to protect community members and keep bad actors off your platform.

Improve Trust & Safety measures to strengthen your community

Show community members that their safety is your priority. Integrate extensive criminal data and court records into your platform via customizable Safety Screenings, and leverage these checks to create a better user experience, empower community participation and engagement, and attract new members.

Safety Screenings, not your typical background check

A light-weight, instantaneous, and cost-effective approach to increase safety of your entire community or marketplace

Flexible Criminal Data Sources

Filter for the criminal data sources most relevant to your community policies or guidelines, from assault records to sex offender registry, to property theft or global watchlists.

Instant results = low user friction

Our database searches return in seconds, meaning you can easily weave them into your existing user experience and content moderation processes.

Easy to integrate APIs

We’ve made it easy to integrate our criminal data APIs with your marketplace platform, visitor management system, or content moderation tools. Our trusted solutions team is also here to help!

Safety at a price that scales

Unlike employee background checks that cost up to $50 per search, our Safety Screening offering costs cents, meaning you can scale our criminal data APIs across a variety of user touchpoints.

How to integrate Safety Screenings into your user experience

We’ll partner together to design the waterfall solution that best aligns with your Trust & Safety goals and policies.

Gate to Participation

Screen new users who join your community or marketplace platform during the onboarding process.

Increased Product Access

Screen active users as they graduate and/or request access to features that could impose community risk.

Flagged/Selective Screening

Screen active users upon community escalation or malicious content flagging to empower adjudication and decision-making processes.

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Ready to innovate your criminal background screenings?