Strengthening Security Measures in Online Dating Platforms: The Crucial Role of Criminal Data

As online dating platforms continue to thrive, the responsibility to protect users from potential risks and threats grows exponentially. With over 59 million online dating site users in the US alone and over 2,700 different sites to choose from, the risk of potential threats and danger increases accordingly.

While some platforms have baseline policies in place for user safety, there remains untapped potential in leveraging criminal data effectively to create a truly secure environment. 

TIME magazine, for example, stated in February of this year, “Dating apps are lagging behind [other industries] in security measures.” This stark reality reveals an urgent need to address safety concerns of online dating platforms. 

Here are a few of the strategies which could be implemented to lessen the risk of negative incidents occurring.

Strategies and Outcomes for Incorporating Criminal Data in Online Dating Platforms

Partner with companies who have access to criminal data 

Platform owners should partner with a reputable criminal data company to regularly screen their users. This will allow them to identify those with criminal histories or red flags, thus minimizing the likelihood of bad actors being among their user base.

Enhanced user trust and platform reputation 

Online daters prioritize their safety and need assurance that platforms effectively protect them from potential criminals. By incorporating criminal data into the platform’s user vetting process, platform owners can enhance user trust, improve their reputation, and consequently attract a larger user base.

Reduced risks of dating scams and fraud

Criminal data can help identify and deter scammers who create fake profiles for malicious purposes, such as romance scams and identity theft. By proactively addressing these issues, platforms can offer a safer experience for users, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Competitive advantage in a crowded market

As the online dating industry grows increasingly competitive, platforms must differentiate themselves to stand out. Incorporating criminal data as part of their safety strategy will offer a unique selling point that can set them apart from competitors while fulfilling a critical user need.

Encouraging safer behavior and positive user experiences

The use of criminal data to ensure user safety may discourage malicious or predatory behavior by creating an environment where criminals know they can easily be detected. This can contribute to fostering a more positive and welcoming atmosphere for users.

Potential for Leveraging Criminal Data

The time has come for online dating platform owners to take action and recognize the immense potential of leveraging criminal data in creating a safer and more trustworthy user experience. By prioritizing user safety, platform owners can not only enhance user trust and reputation, but also gain a competitive advantage in a crowded market. 

Safety Should be a Priority

The urgent call from TIME magazine serves as a reminder to online dating platform owners of their responsibility to strengthen security measures and prioritize their users’ safety. 

By recognizing the importance of criminal data and actively integrating it into their safety protocols, platform owners not only address this crucial industry challenge but also contribute to building a safer, more reliable online dating experience for millions of users.

The Tessera Data Difference

Tessera Data™ is committed to making the world a safer place. Providing criminal data solutions for online dating platforms adds a layer of people-risk data that will help you further protect communities from potential threats. 

Tessera® can help with criminal data solutions designed to keep communities safer while supporting platform providers’ goals to make the customer experience fun and hassle free.

With Tessera, you’ll:

  • Gain access to one of the largest criminal databases available in the US
  • Be able to search criminal data that covers 98% of the US population
  • Work with a leading people-data provider
  • Receive fast data delivery via API or our client portal

Contact us to find out more.

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