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From Trust & Safety teams to Consumer Reporting Agencies and more, we aim to build trust and safety through reliable and extensive data.

Explore use cases to see how we keep workplaces and communities safe

CRAs & Employment Verification

Keep your workplace safe. Vet candidates to make informed hiring decisions, avoid costly mistakes, mitigate employee risk, and protect your company.


Protect your caregivers by screening the parents and family members requesting care and home health services inside their private homes.

Visitor Management

Increase security for events and onsite communities such as schools, hospitals, offices, apartment complexes, retirement homes, and more.

Online Dating

Establish trust from the get-go to boost brand reputation and help platform users feel safe during both virtual and in-person interactions.


Provide an additional layer of safety for drivers by screening riders, and empower drivers to feel confident picking up late-night shifts.


Keep your workplace safe. Vet candidates to make informed hiring decisions, avoid costly mistakes, mitigate employee risk, and protect your company.

Online Communities

Redefine and enhance platform safety by proactively injecting safety checks to create better experiences for every community member.

For Trust & Safety Teams

Integrate our extensive criminal data and court records to build trust and safety within your community via customizable Safety Screenings.

Keep all members of your community safe. Screen drivers and riders, caregivers and those requesting care, visitors to public spaces, and users across your marketplace or online community platform.

Innovative Trust & Safety measures create better user experiences to increase participation from existing communities and attract new and diverse members.

For CRAs & Employment Verification

Search valuable background data for employment verification purposes, including an individual’s aliases, addresses, and criminal records.

Hire the right candidates for long-term success. We provide relevant data that’s critical for making informed decisions and avoiding costly mistakes.

Our comprehensive background screening solutions help vet potential candidates, reduce the odds of a bad hire, mitigate employee risk, and protect your company.

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