Case Study: Using a Criminal Database for Private Investigator Success

Tessera caught up with Whitesell Investigative Services, licensed private investigators, to better understand how using one of the largest criminal databases saves them time and money in their everyday work.

The Customer Story

Whitesell Investigative Services is a team of dedicated, licensed private investigators serving the North and South Carolina areas.

Through their years of experience, the investigative team has established meaningful relationships with local attorneys and law enforcement to reveal valuable information, primarily utilizing manual search methods.

While these manual methods have been a good source of truth, Whitesell wanted easy access to quick, trustworthy people-data.

After speaking with Candis Lettman, Research Case Manager at Whitesell, it was evident that the private investigator databases they utilized in the past were falling short of their needs.

In their search for a reliable criminal records database that would provide the level of detail they required, they found Tessera Data’s Criminal Database to be a sound choice.

Before connecting with Tessera Data, I was losing time and money by having to physically obtain the missing details needed for the background research that our databases were not providing.
-Candis Lettman, Whitesell Investigative Services

The Challenge

Researchers at Whitesell Investigative Services were having difficulty finding the missing pieces.

They realized the investigation databases they were previously searching had a lot of missing record details and the data returned was very vague.

As Research Manager, Candis tried several private investigator databases, all of which were unable to provide the necessary details.

The Solution

Candis attended a conference in search of a better, more dependable data provider, which is when she was introduced to a member of the Tessera sales team.

Our sales team was able to identify Whitesell’s pain points and recommend a product to solve their challenges. More specifically, Candis Lettman says, “The feature of Tessera’s Criminal Database product that was most appealing was the ability to provide accurate and thorough information for North Carolina when it came to criminal records.”

With Tessera Data, they are able to easily access over 750 million records from more than 3,900 individual criminal sources, 2,000+ counties, and 3,500 courts for advanced coverage.

“They make it very easy to login to their client portal and run searches whenever I need them,” says Lettman

How Tessera’s Criminal Database Helps Private Investigators Succeed

It’s no mystery that databases for private investigators need to offer fast, reliable service with extensive coverage, but Tessera offers even more:

  • Constant Improvements: Updating over 80% of our sources weekly and constantly adding new sources!
  • Simple, Fast Access: Performing searches with ease through Tessera’s innovative client portal
  • Flexible Search Options: Setting customizable searches with over 50 filtering options
  • Extensive Data Coverage: Accessing up to 99% of the US population’s criminal records

The Results

The team at Whitesell was so pleased with the results from the Tessera’s Criminal Database, that they enhanced their Process Service Department with Tessera’s Alias and Address History product.

“Everyone I’ve had contact with, whether it be on the phone or email, has been super nice and helpful,” states Lettman.

Customer Approval

The results of the partnership helped Whitesell achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to overall improvement to their customer experience, Whitesell has seen cost efficiencies due to quicker turnaround times and increased productivity since data can be retrieved so quickly.

“By partnering with Tessera Data, we were able to improve the services we offer to our customers by providing faster, more accurate information.”
– Candis Lettman, Whitesell Investigative Services

How Tessera Data Can Help You Improve Your Customer Experience

Tessera Data has a proven track record of helping clients, like private investigators, improve their customer experience through faster turnaround times and more complete data. We’d like to help you do the same.

From a criminal database for private investigators to real-time county searches for consumer reporting agencies, Tessera offers data solutions that can help you find the data you need to improve your customer experience. 

Contact us today to find out what unified people-risk data can do for you.  

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