Access Automated Criminal Records in Arizona

Get All 15 Counties for Arizona Public Court Records

Arizona is one of those states that can be very challenging to CRAs and other background check providers to get criminal data. The Tessera Data™ Team is pleased to tell you that we just added Pima County Supreme Court Records to the statewide lineup making it even more robust. You can do an Arizona court records search statewide for all automated records that are available in all 15 counties. 

Using our Automated Criminal Records product, you can reduce your turnaround times and save money. Get results from AZ in less than 5 minutes on average. That’s fast!

Arizona Courts Covered by Tessera

The Tessera Team has been diligently working to make all counties in the state of Arizona available so you can run an automated statewide search in this state for felony and misdemeanors. 

Our team is making AZ court records available faster and easier so our customers can find the data they need – directly from the source. Some other providers don’t even offer automated criminal data in Arizona.

Explore Your Specific Needs in Arizona

It’s not complicated to get started. We give you options to quickly access court records from Arizona sources. Obtain the data through our client portal, your own API, or choose from one of our many trusted API Platform Partners. 

View Complete Arizona Court Records Coverage

Want to know where you can save more? Once you are connected, take advantage of additional automation by using our online Tier Maps. Monitor your current source usage and then check to see where additional automation could benefit you. You’ll also be able to easily view our complete source list. These convenient online tools are available to you as our customers 24/7.

You might also be interested in what we are doing in Kansas: Gain Direct Access to Kansas Court Records: 40+ Counties and Counting!

Want to know just how fast and easy it is to get data directly from Arizona courts? 

Contact our sales team and we’ll gladly help you explore more options to save money in Arizona and in other states where Tessera can help you automate your background screening needs.

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