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Make data make sense with easy access to fresh, analysis-ready background data that provides the actionable insights you need to build trust and safety in your communities.

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Access automated data directly from the source to reduce human error and bias.


Decrease background check turnaround times with real-time and instant data products.


Uncover hard to find data with one of the largest background data solution providers.


Filter out irrelevant records to reduce bias and enable fact-based decisions.

Comprehensive Data Solutions

Choose from a wide selection of people-risk data products to streamline your background screening process.

Alias & Address History

Uncover an individual’s identity, other aliases, previous addresses, when they lived there, and more.

Automated Criminal Records

Access millions of court records in real-time with direct-to-source retrieval.

Continuous Monitoring

Uncover the latest criminal record activity with employment lifecycle screening.

Criminal Database

Search one of the largest electronically available criminal records databases in the US.

Driver History

Dive into motor vehicle records from DMVs across all 50 states, Washington D.C., & Puerto Rico.

Data that Makes the Difference

Access unified, people-risk data that offers up-to-date insights that help keep your community safe.

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  • Criminal Records
  • Court Records
  • Arrest Records
  • Warrant Records
  • Security Watch Lists
  • Sex Offender Registries
  • Dept. of Corrections Records
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Civil Records
  • Eviction Records

Custom Solutions from Tessera™

See how Tessera can help you achieve the trust and safety you need with our extensive background data products.

Workplace Trust & Safety

Mitigate workforce risk by fully vetting candidates with comprehensive criminal record data.

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Community Trust & Safety

Protect your community by identifying potential threats before there’s a problem.

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Driver Screening

Evaluate affiliated driving risks through in-depth criminal and driver history data.

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