3 Automated Background Screening Solutions to Streamline Your Process

The background check process has continued to become more challenging with the ever growing scope of screenings.  With no single repository for all criminal data, it’s easy to spend your valuable time and resources chasing down people-risk data. 

Pulling criminal data manually can be extremely time consuming and complicated.  This leaves background check companies on their own to navigate the peculiar world of people-data.

Fortunately, there are now a series of automated background screening solutions on the market that can help make data make sense.

Using automation technology will not only help you find the data you need when you need it, but it will save you time, allow you to remove human bias from decision making, and expedite your background check process.

Narrowing the Search for Criminal Background Check Insights

People data is scattered across jurisdictions from a variety of federal, state, and county sources. Not to mention the many types of criminal record data that needs to be collected, including the following:

  • Criminal Records
  • Security Watch Lists
  • Court Records
  • Sex Offender Registries
  • Arrest Records
  • Warrant Records
  • Department of Corrections Records
  • Motor Vehicle Records

Getting access to all the information necessary for a well-rounded risk assessment can be quite the challenge if you decide to collect this data on your own. 

If you are wondering how to get criminal records and other valuable people-risk data, then you are in the right place. People risk insights can be streamlined with the use of a trusted data access provider – which can allow access to information through traditional or automated retrieval methods.

How to Access Criminal Records

Whether you go the old-fashioned route for searching data or decide to try an innovative solution for discovering people-risk insights – the data access provider you choose will most likely have established relationships with courts to remove roadblocks in the retrieval process. 

A traditional retrieval may include manual processes for collecting information. Process servers or court runners locate and retrieve documents by physically going to a court and searching court archives to make copies of the records.

Using an Automated vs Traditional Background Criminal Record Lookup Method

Automation helps reduce the need for a “middle man” by allowing you to access data straight from the source. Advanced automation technology solutions streamline work to improve turnaround times and accuracy. Using automated solutions reduces the need for cumbersome, time-consuming tasks, so screeners can focus on other important duties. 

Due to the influence of the “Great Resignation” and a highly competitive job market, companies are turning to data access providers to access information to help them make timely decisions

The Traditional Criminal Record Research Method

Depending on the county, it could take a court runner 3 to 30 days to complete the manual portion of the court record search. Now imagine these extended timelines if there are multiple counties, aliases, or name variances that need to be researched for a well-rounded risk assessment. 

The Automated Criminal Record Research Method

Automation can drastically reduce the turnaround time of a background check by retrieving same-day results from jurisdictions across the US.

Automated people-data solutions make searches more efficient by consolidating the criminal research process.  Depending on the type of search, companies can search multiple counties, aliases, and name variations simultaneously for faster results and more manageable vendor costs. 

Utilizing Automated Background Screening Solutions

Tessera Data is a leading criminal data provider with several automated background screening solutions that help you discover the information you need. 

Retrieve data directly from the source through automated procedures innovated by industry experts.  Our team is focused on easing the pain of criminal record lookups by making your data searches simple. 

You are in control of your searches with our flexible criminal research products. Determine which searches and filters will return the results you are looking for with customizable, scalable solutions. The background check process has never been more streamlined.

Our automated access to background data allows you to access the information you need to make important trust and safety decisions. Here is the typical chronological order for conducting searches using our criminal background check data: 

1. Alias & Address History

Remember the aforementioned topic of the ability to search for aliases, name variations, and locations? Well, now you can do just that. With Tessera’s Alias and Address History trace, you can gain access to over 300 million address and alias records to learn more about an individual’s past.

Save time and money by identifying potential aliases and addresses first to gather the information necessary for conducting inclusive searches. 

Uncover the hard-to-find details with decades of valuable personal identification information in one search, including:

  • Full Address History with Address Dates
  • SSA Death Master File (DMF), Age at Death, and Date of Death Verification
  • SSN Issuance Year and State 
  • Name Variations (AKAs)
  • Date of Birth and Age

2. Automated Criminal Records

Gain direct access to real-time court records directly from the source for information on current criminal records.

Find faster results with automated background screening searches linked to courts across counties. Tessera’s Automated Criminal Records have been able to return data 75% faster than manual processes, and you’ll find readily available insight from over 5,300 courts with 99% of data offering full-record details. 

Discover the data you need with the flexibility to choose how you search:

  • Automated Federal Search: Gain immediate access to 95 jurisdictions across the national, state, and district courts.
  • Automated Statewide Search: Explore all available county courts in real-time in any of the 33 states we offer.
  • Automated County Search: Reveal felony, misdemeanor, and traffic records from more than 1,900 counties.
  • Automated Sex Offender Search: Choose from national and individual state sex offender registries from all 50 states, American Samoa, Australia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Want to know more about the information you are searching for?

Our automated criminal record users also gain access to our complete source list and tier map for transparency into the data they are receiving. 

3. Driver History

Search motor vehicle records directly from DMVs across all 50 states and D.C. with up to 7 years of coverage to find driver privilege, violations, accidents, and more. Tessera’s Driver History solution provides a single point of access for electronic motor vehicle records.

Tessera’s driving records employ a status categorization system to make them more easily digestible for accelerated risk assessment decisions. Our customized vehicle reporting system uses a customer-centric design for clear formatting and coherent reporting language.

Reduce variability with scannable results for consistent decision making and improved accuracy through automated MVR retrieval.

Tessera Data Makes Finding Criminal Background Check Data Easier

You can access unified, people-risk data with up-to-date insights to improve your background screening process with Tessera. 

Discover Time Efficient Searches

Gain real-time access to data across the nation for faster deliverability through automated background screening processes that reduce repetitive tasks to save resources and allow your screeners to focus on more high-value tasks.

Avoid Losing Out to the Competition

By using automated court records, criminal data can be retrieved in minutes rather than days – so your customers don’t go turn to a rival background screener in this highly competitive market.

Identify Savings through Manageable Search Cost

Our customers have leveraged automation for a recognizable cost savings of 35% in comparison to traditional providers – and you could too!

If you are interested in learning more about automation or how Tessera’s innovative automated background screening products can help enhance your background search experience, then reach out to our sales team

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