Keep Rideshare Drivers Safe with Criminal Data Insights

Why safety is a key lever for attracting drivers to your ridesharing company

The ridesharing industry has revolutionized the way we commute, offering unparalleled convenience and transit accessibility. Now, with COVID-19 safely behind us leading to increasing levels of in-real life work and social connections, the industry is projected to grow globally by more than 133% by 2028. This means ridesharing companies will need to hire more and more drivers to meet increasing consumer demand.

At the same time, more options are on the table for gig economy workers that don’t include putting a stranger into your backseat (i.e. food/grocery delivery and courier services being scaled by Uber, DoorDash and Amazon). This means ridesharing companies who want to stay competitive in who they hire will have no choice but to prioritize protecting the safety of their drivers and their personal vehicles.  

How integration with criminal data can protect the safety of your drivers

This is where integrating criminal database information in your trust and safety process can fortify your driver safety measures. By leveraging instant criminal data, like the criminal records database we power here at Tessera, you can increase rideshare driver safety while simultaneously building trust amongst your driver community. 

Our data allows you to identify the riders who may pose a threat to your drivers, allowing you to make quick, people-risk decisions as they onboard in your platform or after a driver reports a bad experience. Recent events, like this one, where a driver’s safety was at risk is a perfect example of events that might be avoided. 

For example, riders who may be registered sex offenders, or who have property theft, damage, or other threatening assault records. Harnessing the power of instant national criminal database information can reduce the opportunities for your  drivers to cross paths with bad actors (an enticing advantage for attracting female or minority drivers who may be more apprehensive to join your driver community).

Example: Bill Marks is a rider interested in joining your ridesharing platform. During his onboarding flow, you can easily integrate with Tessera to run an instant safety “screening” criminal records search on Bill from the personal identifying information (PII) you require when he sets up a profile (name, date of birth). The search will scan our expansive database and identify his risk profile. Based on the data returned and your own risk mitigation process, you can make a decision about whether Bill poses a threat to your community of drivers and would be able to join your platform. 

Additionally, you can leverage the Tessera criminal database to provide additional data following a flag or escalation of a rider already in your system. Imagine your driver, Sarah, has an unpleasant experience with a male passenger and leaves him a 1-star review. You can integrate Tessera into your moderation and escalations process to run a criminal background check as these signals come through. The information you receive back (i.e., whether or not the rider has a criminal history or is on a sex offender list) can help your Trust & Safety team to make more informed decisions as to whether or not to allow the rider to continue on the platform.  

Let’s uncover more aspects of using criminal data to enhance trust and safety.

Trust and safety at the core of your business

As more drivers entrust their wellbeing to your organization, the importance of community trust and safety cannot be overstated. Criminal data for rideshare driver safety provides a critical tool for identifying potential risky riders and proactively making risk decisions before someone gets in a driver’s vehicle.

Furthermore, monitoring relevant national criminal database information and ensuring your drivers are supported by reliable criminal data can create a safer work environment for all your drivers no matter their location. It can also help bolster your external brand reputation and commitment to your company mission and values.

Implementing Tessera Criminal Data for unparalleled protection

At Tessera, we’re committed to making the world a safer place. Use our criminal database information to strengthen your commitment to ridesharing driver safety while continuing to make your customer experience hassle free. By doing so, you can ensure a safer and more trusting community for both drivers and riders alike. 

Partnering with our team of experts also means you are supported by our constant vigilance to continuously improve our data with the latest technological advancements and criminal data sources. We’re committed to delivering quality products so you can trust the data you receive is accurate and fresh.

Interested to learn more about how Tessera can improve the safety of your driver community? Connect with our Sales team here.

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