National Criminal Database

Our instant criminal data solution offers the key people-risk information you need to help make important trust and safety decisions in workplaces, communities, marketplaces, and more.

workplace & community safety

Why our National Criminal Database is important

Whether you want to run a background check or a more lightweight safety screen, data quality and coverage are crucial. Our National Criminal Database covers 98% of the United States population, with 750+ million records, 6,000+ individual criminal sources, 2,400+ counties, and 4,000+ courts.

Explore the benefits of our National Criminal Database product

Search one of the largest criminal records databases in the US to inform people-risk decisions. We build, manage, and maintain our own database with a team of 75+ in-house engineers.

An extensive range of search options

Our constantly growing database contains information from courts, government sources, sex offender registries, global watchlists, and more.

Easily refine your searches

Over 50 filtering options help pinpoint the most valuable and relevant criminal data.

Flexible and customizable

Run searches through our client portal or seamlessly connect to our criminal data with a simple API integration.

Partnership-forward support

Our team of industry experts is eager to offer advice and help create the optimal solution for your specific needs.

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Get all the details on our National Criminal Database product

Our National Criminal Database undergoes regular updates to ensure that the data reflects the most current and reliable information.

The data includes department of correction sources, Patriot Global watchlist sources, sex offender sources, warrant sources, arrest sources, court sources, government sources, and mugshots.

Our team of industry experts will work with you to determine which sources are most relevant for your safety goals.

Ready to innovate your criminal background screenings?