Alias & Address History

Uncover Alias & Address Historical Data

Make better-informed decisions with access to high-quality data, searching millions of records across numerous sources, gathering up to 40 years of historical data on an individual through a single search.

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Pinpoint Previous Names and Addresses

Pinpoint Previous Names and Addresses

Tessera Data offers over 300 million address and alias records to help you learn more about an individual. From the names they’ve used throughout their life to the places all those aliases have lived, you’ll be able to find deep insights that can then guide your background screening process by helping you navigate where to look for criminal records.

Take your people-risk research to the next level by uncovering even the hard to find details, like name changes and out of state moves, to better foster safe communities and workplaces.

Experience Deeper Background Screenings

manage deceitful applicants

Identify Alternate Aliases

Uncover hard to find past or current names that an individual has used over the years.

Locate Past Addresses

Discover all previous places an individual has lived for a more complete picture.

Know Where to Look

Dig deeper using previous addresses to guide your criminal records research.

Conduct Thorough Searches

Ensure the most accurate background screening by examining an individual from all angles.

Alias & Address History Searches from Tessera Data

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Access over 300 million consumer records and up to 40 years of personal history data using valuable sources from across the nation, including personally identifiable information (PII):

  • Full address history with address dates
  • SSA death master file (DMF)
  • Age at death
  • Date of death verification
  • SSN issuance year and state
  • Name variations (AKAs)
  • Date of birth and age

Why Work with Tessera™

Customizable Searches

Tailor your search preferences with our industry-leading filtering options to receive the information you need.

Digestible Data

Make your work faster and easier with organized data results that are formatted for clear, transparent decision making.

All-Inclusive Information

Uncover current, comprehensive data regarding numerous aspects of personal identification information.

Scalable Solutions

Save time and money with our automated search that can locate an individual without the costly hassle of checking one county at a time.

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Tessera Data, Inc. is not a “consumer reporting agency” or a producer of “consumer reports,” as those terms are defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You must not access, obtain, use, disclose, or make any decisions based on information received under our Alias & Address History service for any purposes governed by the FCRA, including decisions relating to employment, credit, insurance, licensing or tenancy.