Alias & Address History

Gather up to 40 years of previous alias and address data on an individual through a single search.

Why Alias & Address History is important

Knowing an individual’s previous names and addresses can guide your background screening process by helping you navigate where to look for criminal records. Tessera Data™ offers over 300 million address and alias records to help you learn more about an individual.

Explore the benefits of our Alias & Address History product

Access over 300 million consumer records and up to 40 years of personal history data using valuable sources from across the nation, including personally identifiable information (PII).

Build a cost-effective process

Confirm you have the right person before starting a search to ensure you’re paying for the information you actually want.

Identify alternate aliases

Uncover hard-to-find past or current names that an individual has used over the years.

Locate past addresses

Discover all previous places an individual has lived for a more complete picture.

Know where to look

Dig deeper using previous addresses to guide your criminal records research.

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Get all the details on our Alias & Address History product

Alias & Address History should be the first step of your screening process, as those pieces of information are necessary in searching for criminal data on an individual.

This data can point you to which municipal, county, state, and/or federal sources should be included in your search.

We offer over 300 million address and alias records.

Ready to innovate your criminal background screenings?