Continuous Monitoring: The proactive risk management solution

Effortlessly monitor an individual’s criminal activity over time in addition to running a pre-hire background check. Proactively manage risk to save time, money, and resources for consumer reporting agencies.

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Why Continuous Monitoring is important

Maintaining community safety with round-the-clock criminal monitoring powered by one of the largest criminal records databases in the US, and stay one step ahead in keeping your clients and their organizations safe.

Explore the benefits of our Continuous Monitoring product

Select from flexible continuous screening options, including how many individuals you screen, how often they’re screened, what categories you screen for, and whether you monitor full scope data or limit it to the past 30 or 60 days. 

Reinforce community safety

Keeping communities safe requires a persistent and proactive effort to continuously monitor and manage people-related risk.

Automate your risk management process

Set your parameters to trigger custom alerts for any new records that match the individuals you’re screening.

Flexible and customizable

Select from flexible continuous screening options, including how many individuals you screen and which criminal data categories to include.

Prioritize long-term safety

Take action quickly as situations arise to minimize safety risks before they grow in severity.

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Get all the details on our Continuous Monitoring product

Traditional background screenings provide a snapshot of an individual’s criminal history at a specific point in time, while Continuous Monitoring actively tracks  any new criminal activity. This real-time monitoring helps organizations stay informed about changes in an individual’s criminal record after the initial screening, enhancing risk management and ensuring ongoing compliance.

No, the National Criminal Database is just one source that is available with Continuous Monitoring.

You can select up to 5 different categories to monitor: National Criminal Database, individual state sources, sex offender data, security watchlists, and Departments of Corrections and Arrests.

Ready to innovate your criminal background screenings?