Gain Direct Access to Kansas Court Records: 40+ Counties and Counting!

Well, you can’t say “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” because Tessera Data™ now covers over 40 counties in Kansas with Automated Criminal Records! This means CRAs and other background screeners can pull valuable data directly from Kansas District Court sources in real-time. No visits to the courthouse required. 

How to Access Kansas Court Records

If you’ve been wondering how to find court records in Kansas, we’ve got the answer for you. Sure you can get records directly at the courthouses in Kansas, but who has time for that? The fastest and easiest way is to run a Kansas District Court search online through an automated criminal records vendor, like Tessera. 

With Tessera, you can use our Automated Criminal Records product to reduce your turnaround times and save money by easily searching Kansas court records in real-time. Now that’s a win!

The Data Available via Automated Criminal Records in Kansas 

While not all Kansas public records are available online, the Tessera team has been working hard to add Kansas court data into our Automated Criminal Records product so you don’t have to rely on more traditional search methods that may slow you down. 

This also comes with the added benefits of using on-demand court records and automation, which can reduce human error in the gathering of public records and remove human bias from the processing of the records. The result is cleaner, more reliable data.

The Completeness of Court Data in Kansas

So what can you expect from online court records in Kansas? With Tessera, you’ll have access to KS court records in over 40 counties! Best of all, the majority of these Kansas courts return:

  • Full DOB
  • Case Type: Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic
  • Dispositions: Pending, Dismissals, Convictions
  • Availability: 10+ years

Kansas Courts Covered by Tessera

In the past six months, we’ve been really focused on adding coverage across Kansas county courts. These Kansas court records make it faster, easier, and cheaper for our customers to find the data they need – directly from the source. 

Some of our latest additions include: 

  • Leavenworth County, Kansas Court Records
  • Ford County, Kansas Court Records
  • Harvey County, Kansas Court Records

And remember – they almost all include Full DOB as mentioned above!

Want to see the full list of Kansas courts that we cover?
Reach out to us and we’ll dive into our full coverage!

How to Get Started with Kansas Court Records

Getting started doesn’t have to be complicated. We give you options to quickly access court records from Kansas, with easy integration to match your current workflows. You can access the data through our client portal, your own API, or choose from one of our many trusted API Platform Partners

View Complete Kansas Court Coverage

Once you are up and running, we make it easy for you to see our complete source list. You’ll also be able to monitor your current source usage and identify new sources where you can capitalize on additional automation by using our online Tier Maps. These convenient online tools are available to all of our customers 24/7.

Since Tessera uses automation to deliver real-time criminal data across thousands of counties nationwide, you can streamline your once fragmented process of retrieving people data quickly with the use of Automated Criminal Records. This means you’ll get the data you need quickly so your customers can make important hiring decisions.

What’s Next for Kansas Court Records

Good news! Our team isn’t stopping at 40 counties in Kansas! That’s only a fraction of the direct to source data that will continue to become available throughout 2023, so stay tuned for more automated Kansas criminal records.

Want to know just how fast and easy it is to get data directly from Kansas courts?
Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you explore your options to save money in Kansas and in other states where Tessera can help you automate your background screening needs.

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