Webinar Recording & Recap | Tessera Q4 Product Showcase

Last week we hosted a panel of our favorite Tessera product experts Jen Hoots (Head of Customer Success) and Mark Schlosser (Head of Sales) who covered the latest and greatest offerings across our criminal intelligence product suite. From updates to our core national criminal database offering to automated criminal records (ACR), to new opportunities in the identity verification space, we covered a lot of exciting material.

Our team has been hard at work this year innovating our product and creating better experiences for our customers. Check out the full Product Showcase webinar recording and recap below.

If you’d like to connect 1-1 with our Sales or Customer Success teams to dive deeper into these new offerings and updates, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We’ll look forward to hearing about your goals and sharing how our criminal data solutions can support your needs.

Just a few of our favorite highlights from the Product Showcase webinar are recapped below:

1. National Criminal Database: Unmatched Coverage and Data Quality

Our national criminal database is the backbone of our services, and we’re proud to build, maintain and control our data. With a dedicated team of over 100 engineers, we stand behind the most up-to-date and comprehensive data set for our partners. The result? The widest-reaching coverage map that spans over 98% of the U.S. population.

Why we’re proud of our national criminal database:

  • Data Freshness: We update our database constantly, scraping over 4.5 million records daily. Over 70% of our sources are updated within a week, ensuring your ability to access the latest information.
  • Quality of Results: We’ve introduced features like age logic enhancements and over 50 custom filters to improve the quality and accuracy of your criminal database search results.
  • Customization: Our search and filter settings provide agility for CRAs, allowing for personalized queries that match your unique requirements. This feature also enables you to filter for the crimes most relevant to you, enabling a fairer experience for employees undergoing an employee background check.

If you’ve heard concerns about information overload, rest assured that we’ve listened and addressed this by enhancing our filtering and logic. We believe in our abundance of records as a strength, not a weakness.

2. Automated Criminal Records: Speed and Savings

Automation is transforming the criminal records industry. We’ve made significant strides in this direction, offering an automated criminal records product with lightning-fast turnarounds that are 98% faster than traditional providers. Not to mention the cost savings, which are typically 35% lower than traditional court runner services.

More to know on Tessera’s ACR:

  • Automation Explained: We use advanced technology to mimic a human searcher, streamlining the process and eliminating errors. Say goodbye to manual searches that take days.
  • Source Tiers: We offer different tiers to meet your needs efficiently, and we’re constantly expanding our sources.
  • Search Replay: For times when sources go offline, our hot-off-the-press Search Replay feature lets you resubmit orders seamlessly using the same search ID.

We’ve made automation a cornerstone of our services, providing efficiency and accuracy like never before.

3. Continuous Monitoring: Keeping Workplaces Safe

While many of us focus on pre-employment background checks, the need for post-employment monitoring is on the rise. Several industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, technology, and employers in the gig economy require ongoing checks to maintain safety and compliance. Our continuous monitoring service is the answer.

Why we’re excited about our continuous monitoring offering:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our monitoring covers various over 3,000 data sources, including the National Criminal Database, Individual State Sources, Sex Offender Data, Security Watch List, Department of Corrections, and Arrests.
  • Simple and Affordable: Simply select the data you need, input the Name/DOB, and set the monitoring frequency. We’ll alert you when anything new is detected.

We’ve officially launched our newest product offering, ID Match. This tool matches identity documents such as driver’s licenses and state IDs against a variety of authoritative sources and our proprietary database to confirm the very important question, “Does this person actually exist?”. It’s a simple match or no-match logic that ensures you’re dealing with real identities.

ID Match serves as a prevalidation before starting a check. How often do you get a misspelled name or wrong DOB from an applicant, that creates friction in your background search workflow? Our identity verification offering lets you mitigate the risk of incorrect/unsearchable identities and gives you increased confidence that the information you’re working with is correct. In combination with our other offerings, it provides the foundation for a complete, comprehensive and highly accurate background check. 

Why prioritize ID Match as part of your background search workflow:

  • Full Coverage: We are the only data provider that offers coverage across all 51 jurisdictions, including all 50 United States and Washington D.C.
  • Efficiency Boost: Identity Database Verification isn’t just for gig economy players; it’s an invaluable pre-validation tool for CRAs. It eliminates the need to run a full background check before ensuring the applicant’s information is correct and valid.
  • Foundation for Accuracy: This tool, in combination with our other offerings, forms the foundation for comprehensive and accurate background checks.

In a world where information accuracy is paramount, ID Match is a game-changer.

At our virtual event, we showcased these powerful tools and solutions, demonstrating our commitment to advancing the criminal background data industry. With comprehensive coverage, data quality, automation, and identity verification, we’re setting new standards. Reach out to our team if you’d like to explore adding new offerings to your background check workflows or offerings.

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