Driver History

Driver History Motor Vehicle Report Searches deliver real-time DMV reports from all 50 states and Washington D.C., as well as Puerto Rico MVRs with a TAT of a few days. Easily and accurately identify someone’s privilege to drive, including details on restrictions, endorsements, accidents, and violations.

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Why Driver History is important

Receive motor vehicle records directly from the source with just a name, DOB, state of license issuance, or driver’s license number. Leverage Driver History data as part of a complete background check for roles where understanding driver risk is a key component.

Explore the benefits of our Driver History product

Our product offering optimizes data retrieval from 51 jurisdictions by providing a single point of access to data that has been standardized for quick and easy comprehension.

Find data more efficiently

Tessera Data® provides one integration to reduce the time, effort, and cost of making more precise risk decisions and streamlines the data retrieval process.

Customer-friendly report design

Motor Vehicle Reports use a customer-centric design with a clear format and standardized reporting vocabulary to make them fast and easy to comprehend.

Comprehensive data coverage

Conduct thorough driving history searches with data directly from the source. Find details on driving privilege, accidents, violations, suspensions and more.

Fast data delivery

Receive real-time records in seconds. Our cloud-based API boasts a 99.9% uptime and leverages an industry-leading infrastructure environment.

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Get all the details on our Driver History product

Tessera Data® has strong ties and relationships with all state DMVs, allowing us to retrieve this data directly from the place where it originated.

As the language used in driving record reports varies based on the individual state, we have implemented a standardized naming convention that helps organize driver data for easy consumption and decision making purposes.

Running a motor vehicle report requires having a permissible purpose to do so. Leverage Driver History data for roles where understanding driver risk is a key component.

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