ID Match: Identity verification service

Validate a driver’s license or ID information in real time against data from authoritative sources.

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Why ID Match is important

With an increasing number of synthetic and fake IDs, ID Match seeks to prevent fraud and answer the question, “Does this person actually exist?” Our deep understanding of identity data and partnerships with authoritative sources provide a comprehensive, real-time, fresh-data market solution that can be used standalone or in conjunction with existing identity workflows.

Explore the benefits of our ID Match product

Instantly validate the existence of a driver’s license or government ID and that the data attributes on the document presented match the information on file with the issuing agency.

Authoritative source data in all 51 jurisdictions

Validate documents against authoritative sources from all 50 states and D.C., providing coverage for every person with a driver’s license and/or government-issued ID.

Get instant results

Validate data points on driver’s licenses and government IDs against the official issuing source in real time.

High assurance of identity for a cost-effective process

Authenticate government-issued driver’s licenses/IDs before proceeding with additional screening measures. Ensure your screening process is accurate and cost-effective.

A simple API integration + a standardized format

Easily integrate with our single API that delivers standardized “match” or “no match” results for each field submitted for validation.

Resources and articles to get you started with ID Match

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Get all the details on our ID Match product

Any data element on a driver’s license, including document number, state, name, DOB document category, address, issue date, expiration date, eye color, height, weight, and gender.

State issued IDs, including driver’s license, permits, and ID cards. 

All 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C.

Ready to innovate your criminal background screenings?