Musings from The Marketplace Risk Conference

In May, our team attended the highly anticipated Marketplace Risk Conference held in San Francisco, which brought together over 700 Trust and Safety professionals from various industries. The conference served as a platform for experts to share insights, discuss emerging trends, network, and explore innovative solutions to tackle the evolving risks associated with online communities and marketplaces. Tessera Data, a Checkr company, pioneering the use of criminal and motor vehicle data to prevent risk to marketplaces and online communities, was among the sponsors and participants.

There were 4 core themes which stood out to our team:

Ensuring Driver Safety in Delivery and Ride Share Companies

Delivery and ride share companies continue to grapple with the challenge of ensuring driver safety. The conference shed light on the potential dangers faced by drivers while navigating through unfamiliar neighborhoods, especially during late-night deliveries. During the keynote address, Vishal Kapoor of Shipt, shared an anecdote about a delivery woman who expressed discomfort delivering to a dangerous area with an unusual order. Such situations not only put drivers at risk but also make it difficult for companies to retain them. Ensuring driver safety emerged as a critical concern demanding innovative solutions.

The Persistent Problem of Imposter Profiles

The proliferation of imposter profiles remains a growing issue in online marketplaces. Trust and Safety professionals discussed the challenges associated with identifying and removing bad actors from these platforms. While platforms have measures in place to tackle this problem, it was highlighted that it is often too easy for banned individuals to create new accounts and resume their malicious activities. This recurring issue necessitates a more robust and proactive approach to combat imposter profiles effectively.

Balancing Sentiment and Policing: The Responsibility of Platforms

Determining the extent to which online platforms should moderate content and user interactions posed a significant dilemma for Trust and Safety professionals. The conference sparked discussions on striking a balance between respecting freedom of expression and maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. Experts debated the platform’s responsibility in monitoring and moderating user behavior, highlighting the need for clearer guidelines and policies to handle contentious situations while upholding user trust.

Trust and Safety in the Real World: Challenges of In-Person Marketplaces

While much of the conference focused on risks associated with online marketplaces, the unique challenges faced by in-person marketplaces were not overlooked. Trust and Safety professionals delved into the life-and-death situations that can arise in the real world. The responsibility of ensuring safety during in-person exchanges and transactions was discussed, emphasizing the need for effective vetting processes, emergency protocols, and enhanced collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Being a first time attendee and coming from the world of cybersecurity, it was surprising that the core focus of the industry was around content moderation and fraud.  It seems the industry is on the cusp of going beyond these topics and ready to think more holistically, which opens up incredible opportunities for risk mitigation.

As Tessera Data continues to revolutionize how marketplaces can leverage criminal and motor vehicle data, events like the The Marketplace Risk Conference provide crucial insights into how we can create safer communities and marketplaces. 

To learn more about Tessera Data’s criminal and motor vehicle data, connect with our team.

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