Automated Criminal Records

Your Key to Real-Time Criminal Court Records

Minimize the risk of stale data and slow turnaround times with automated, real-time court searches. You’ll find the information you need faster than court runners can finish tying up their shoes.

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Streamline Court Record Research

Streamline Court Record Research

Automated criminal records are real-time court records pulled directly from the source to provide the most current criminal data.

With Tessera™, when you submit a criminal record search, our automation technology retrieves the court data you need in real-time, reducing the risk of stale data while minimizing the wait time and expense of using court runners.

Improve Your Background Screening Process

Find Criminal Data Faster

Get a competitive advantage of making faster, better-informed decisions with real-time criminal records that provide an extensive profile of an individual.

Meet Tight Turnaround Times

With automated court records, you can pull real-time criminal data in minutes rather than days, helping you meet even the toughest deadlines.

Minimize Court Runner Needs

With on-demand court records, you no longer have to wait for a court runner to physically go to each individual court to retrieve the information.

Save Money with Automation

Leverage automation to recognize a 35% savings over traditional providers’ court data costs by minimizing the need for court runners.

Automated Court Record Searches from Tessera Data™

Tessera offers extensive data coverage and search capabilities to provide scalable, flexible solutions. Select the real-time criminal record search that best meets your needs.

Automated Federal Search

Search federal courts with direct access to 94 jurisdictions, including National, State, and District Courts.

Automated Statewide Search

Use 33 statewide products that cover all available county courts in that state in real time.

Automated County Search

Run county-level verification searches in over 2,000+ counties, including felony, misdemeanor, and traffic records.

Automated Sex Offender Search

Offender screening searches available from both national and individual state Sex Offender Registries in all 50 states, as well as American Samoa, Australia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

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Why Work with Tessera

Get Results Faster

Speed up your background searches with turnaround times 98% faster than traditional providers with automated court data—typically returned in under 5 minutes!

Access Extensive Coverage

Get direct access to court records from over 5,700+ courts in over 2,000 counties across the United States—all available in one place. Plus, 99% of our records offer full-record details.

Run Flexible Searches

Search by federal, state, or county court data, or run a specific source, like Sex Offender Registries. We include a 20-year scope and return over 120,000 records daily to clients.

Receive Full Transparency

Access our complete source list and a Tier Map for full transparency into the data you’ll receive by county to truly understand our coverage and the data you’re searching.

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