Automated Criminal Court Records

Access millions of court records in real time with direct-to-source retrieval – at a fraction of the cost of traditional court runners.

Why Automated Criminal Records are important

Our automation technology streamlines court record research by retrieving court data from the source in real time rather than pulling from an existing pool of data. This process reduces the risk of stale data while minimizing wait times and the expense of using court runners.

Explore the benefits of our Automated Criminal Records product

Optimize your court records search process with Automated Criminal Records (ACR). Automate your data retrieval procedures to improve accuracy, reduce costs, and save time.

Accurate, real-time results

ACR directly queries data to the source the moment an order is placed, ensuring that the returned data is accurate and current at the time.

Cost-effective searches

Leverage automation for an average of 35% savings compared to traditional providers’ court data costs by minimizing the need for court runners.

Minimize court runner needs

With on-demand court records, you no longer have to wait for a court runner to physically go to individual courts to retrieve information.

Expedite your search process

Pull real-time criminal data in minutes rather than days and retrieve valuable information with improved efficiency.

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Get all the details on our Automated Criminal Records product

It can, but it depends on whether court records are readily available. In areas where the data is limited and ACR is unable to obtain complete information, a hit/no hit search can be run to determine whether or not a court runner will be necessary. 

If our ACR search yields no hit, there’s no need to dispatch a court runner. By utilizing our products in this manner, companies can potentially reduce the volume of searches assigned to court runners by as much as 70%.

No. ACR is a real-time search that directly queries data to the source the moment an order is placed.

ACR searches are available at the county, state, and federal levels. State and national sex offender registries are also available.

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