Enhancing Community Safety: Integrating Criminal Data in Your Visitor Management System

The Imperative of Trust and Safety in Modern Communities

In a world where safety and security are increasingly vital concerns, it is paramount for organizations to integrate criminal data in their visitor management systems (VMSs). Incorporating criminal records data in your VMS not only promotes a sense of community trust and safety but also effectively safeguards your overall organization from potential threats. This might include employees, students, or visitors that make up your community on any given day.

Public records data within a VMS can be seamlessly integrated to ensure that access is granted only to safe individuals. Armed with knowledge from criminal databases, your organization is better equipped to prevent dangerous individuals from entering your premises.

Utilizing Criminal Data for Risk Assessment

One key aspect of integrating criminal data in a VMS is the ability to conduct extensive risk assessments for all visitors. National criminal databases offer an invaluable resource for organizations to quickly and efficiently gain insights on individuals’ backgrounds and potential criminal histories.

Leveraging criminal database information is not only a precautionary measure, but is also a proactive tool to maintain safety within your premises. Through these risk assessments, an organization can quickly determine the threat level of a visitor, granting or denying access based on this information. This effectively minimizes any risk posed by unauthorized individuals.

The Growing Importance of Public Records Data

With the integration of criminal data in visitor management systems, organizations can quickly reference public records to verify a visitor’s background, criminal history, and potential threat level.

By utilizing public records data, organizations can also make more informed decisions on whom they grant access to, ensuring the highest level of security and protection for their communities as well as their assets.

Protecting the communities from dangerous threats is now mandatory. Tessera Data teams with Kornukopia’s Visitor Fit so that within seconds we can screen and fully understand the risk of every individual before they enter our customers’ locations and prevent dangerous individuals from entering.

Streamlining the Access Approval Process

When integrating criminal data into your visitor management system, the scope of the access approval process dramatically increases. Thanks to the hundreds of millions of records in a national criminal database, organizations can quickly vet and approve visitors based on their background and risk assessments.

By streamlining this process, organizations can save time, resources, and avoid potential risks associated with allowing dangerous individuals entry.

Monitoring Visitor Behavior and Patterns

Incorporating criminal data in your VMS also allows you to develop your own internal watchlist, helping to ensure an even higher standard of security long term. Developing an internal watchlist can help identify and keep track of any suspicious behaviors or potential threats over time.

Furthermore, this information can be used for analytical purposes to improve your organization’s overall security measures, promoting a culture of continuously improving safety measures.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Criminal Data Integration

As the world evolves and changes, so too must our methods of ensuring trust and safety in our communities. Incorporating criminal data in your VMS and implementing best practices will help your organization remain at the forefront of community protection.

The integration of criminal data provides deeper people data by including data records from not just criminal data sources, but sex offender registries as well as external security watchlists. The depth of the criminal records data allows you to level up your risk management capabilities, providing better protection to communities using your VMS offering, and giving you a competitive advantage over other VMS systems. 

A Commitment to Community Trust and Safety

Ultimately, incorporating criminal data in a visitor management system is about creating a strong culture of trust, safety, and security within an organization. Your VMS will offer customers proactive steps to protect their communities, demonstrating your commitment to the well-being of their communities.

The Tessera Data Difference

Tessera Data® is committed to making the world a safer place. Providing criminal data solutions for Visitor Management Systems adds a layer of people-risk data that will help you further protect communities from potential threats. 

No matter the size of your VMS, integrating our criminal data will help protect your customers’ employees, visitors, reputation, data, and physical assets with deep people data. Isn’t it time to use our criminal data to be proactive instead of reactive to potential community threats?

With Tessera®, you’ll:

  • Gain access to one of the largest criminal databases available in the US
  • Be able to search criminal data that covers 98% of the US population
  • Work with a leading people data provider
  • Receive fast data delivery via API directly to your VMS

Better data equals better insights. Let’s get started. Just connect with us and the Tessera Team will be in touch shortly.

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