How to Pull a Driving Record from Puerto Rico

There was a time when pulling Puerto Rico driver license records was difficult and extremely time consuming.  However, with great advancements in technology, it’s become a whole lot easier.

About Puerto Rico Motor Vehicle Records

A motor vehicle record (MVR) is used as a resource for assessing risk when reviewing driver performance. Generally, driver history will include license information, such as status, class, and restrictions. Motor vehicle records may also contain previous traffic violations and convictions that may not be included on a standard criminal record search.

By pulling driving records in Puerto Rico and beyond, you have insight into potential repetitive, poor driving habits, which can be an indicator of risk. This makes motor vehicle records a valuable risk mitigation tool for trust and safety industries, especially those in which driving services are integral to the services provided. 

Making driver screening in Puerto Rico more accessible to our clients was a priority for Tessera Data.  This valuable driver history search enables better risk management for our customers.  After all, omitting the crucial information from a driver screening can limit your insights and leave you open to risks you’re unaware of. 

With Puerto Rico being home to almost 3 million people, who are all granted dual-citizenship with the United States, it’s not uncommon that you may need these important motor vehicle records. Expand your research and insights by adding a Puerto Rico driver license record search to your driver history screening process. 

Let’s take a look at how you can pull Puerto Rico MVRs. 

How to Get a Driving Record from Puerto Rico

One of the hassles of collecting motor vehicle records is the turnaround time delays from some of the Divisions of Motor Vehicles (DMVs). Puerto Rico is one of those locations where driver history searches will take longer than average. This is partially due to a lengthy communication process.

The Process for Puerto Rico MVRs

The difficulty of obtaining driving records from Puerto Rico comes from the complex retrieval process that often involves extra steps and requires additional information. 

For one, there are supplemental data components and documentation required for submitting driving record searches in Puerto Rico. This is not always part of the process for obtaining MVRs from other United States territories or states. 

Additionally, a Puerto Rico driving records search requires a photocopy of the driver’s license (front and back) and the addition of a signed consent form that collects supplemental details.

Once you navigate these additional steps, which Tessera can help you with, you’ll soon have the requested Puerto Rico MVR.  It’s worth noting, the look-back period for Puerto Rico driving records search is three years. 

Unlock Additional Information

While you will need to work through these additional steps, you’ll be able to expand your background screening services to offer Puerto Rico motor vehicle records.  This allows you to include more relevant motor vehicle records searches and avoid losing business to competitors.  

Conduct Comprehensive Driver Screenings with Tessera Data 

With Tessera’s connection to Puerto Rico MVRs, you can perform more extensive driver screenings and discover additional insights that can be used in conjunction with driver history information from the other 51 jurisdictions.

With motor vehicle records from Tessera, you’ll get access to:

  • Scannable Results: Reduce the variability in results with clear formatting.
  • Direct from Source Data: Reduce errors with records straight from the source.
  • Expert-Driven Technology Processes: Improve turnaround times through automated solutions innovated by industry experts.

Learn more about Tessera’s Driver History Search and Solutions by reaching out to a member of our sales team! 

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