Civil Court Records

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Civil Records give an additional dimension to background screenings, offering valuable insight into an individual’s history and personal character.

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Find Civil Court Records

Find Civil Court Records

Gain civil court access and discover relevant civil court case information that pertains to previous disputes where an individual is seeking retribution.

These records provide a more complete picture of an individual and their legal history, beyond just criminal activity, so you can better assess the person’s risk.

See What Civil Records Can Do for You

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Get Deeper Insights

See a different perspective of a person’s background by digging into their legal history, beyond criminal activity.

Understand Legal History

Find previous lawsuits brought against an individual by a former employer, another person, or an entity.

Uncover Bankruptcies

Know if an individual has previously declared bankruptcy and how many times

Find Collections

Determine whether an individual has past judgements and liens for better clarity.

Civil Records Searches from Tessera Data

Dig into public records and collections data with a Civil Record Search. You can pull any claims, suits, judgements, or offenses where the candidate is listed as a respondent instantaneously from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam.

Use custom filters to pull only the data you need, including options to search at the federal, state, and county level.

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Why Work with Tessera™


Deep Civil Coverage

Access over 300 million available records that are refreshed on a recurring basis with extensive coverage.

Fast Turnaround Time

Receive comprehensive records within seconds when you run a civil records search with Tessera.

Customize Your Searches

Conduct research more cost efficiently with flexible search options to show only the results you need.

Consolidate Vendors

Save resources, both time and money, with access to more data from one single provider.

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