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Explore our suite of products to help you create safer workplaces and communities.

National Criminal Database

Search one of the largest criminal records databases in the US to inform people-risk decisions.

Alias & Address History

Access over 300 million consumer records & up to 40 years of personal history data using valuable sources & PII to streamline your background check.

Automated Criminal Records

Access millions of court records in real-time with direct-to-source retrieval – at a fraction of the cost of traditional court runners.

Safety Screenings

A lightweight, cost-effective approach for Trust and Safety teams to keep all members of your marketplace or online community safe.

Continuous Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor an individual’s criminal activity over time – saving your clients time, money, and resources.

Driver History

Easily find driver violations and uncover recent accidents and their severity to help you assess and mitigate a driver’s potential risk.

ID Match

Instantly checks that PII on a government-issued ID matches the data within authoritative sources across 51 jurisdictions.

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