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Founder’s Letter 2021: Tessera Emerges as a Leading People Data Provider

By Julia Williams

As 2021 comes to an end, let us look back at what an eventful year it has been.

In early December, Tessera Data™ was revealed as the former data vendors: RapidCourt, Themis Data Solutions, and TML Information Services came together to create a unified people data powerhouse.

This pivotal move is an important step towards our commitment to end the chaos of fragmented data. 

The Meaning Behind the Tessera Name

The name Tessera™ was carefully chosen to align to the Tessera Data mission to uncover the true value of information by revealing the bigger picture. For those unfamiliar with the term, a tessera is a small piece used in the construction of a mosaic.  By bringing all of the tesserae together, the full mosaic image can be seen.

Similarly, Tessera Data offers consumer reporting agencies and organizations the opportunity to pull together people data from thousands of sources to better understand an individual’s risk based on past behaviors. This information can help them and their customers make important trust and safety decisions.

The Official Launch of Tessera

After months of strategic planning, while continuing to do business as usual – the official launch of Tessera Data was worthy of celebration in 2021. Through the collaborative efforts across teams, we were able make this unification successful, bringing better data, more expertise, and streamlined processes to the background screening industry. 

Our combined team of people data experts is dedicated to continuing to enhance the data retrieval process. This will make it faster and easier for organizations across the United States to make better-informed people risk decisions by making data make sense. 

With custom solutions for driver screening, workplace trust & safety, and community trust & safety, Tessera Data is focused on providing timely, readable, and actionable insights. Our extensive product offerings enable a wide range of background data searches for full-scope screenings through a single people data vendor. 

Moving towards the Future of Background Screening

This is the beginning of the next chapter for Tessera Data and also the next chapter for automated technology solutions in the background screening industry.  Automation offers new opportunities to increase turnaround times while eliminating human error and bias bringing about a safer and fairer future. 

Together, we can set a new standard for trust and safety insights. Join our mission to make our communities safer places to interact, both online and offline.

Read more about this exciting company milestone in the Tessera Data press release

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