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Tessera Data – 2022 Reflections

By Matt Curl

2022 has been a year of evolving and merging, bringing the best of three companies and their histories into a strong unified entity, Tessera Data™. Our goal was to focus on our customers and their needs, supporting them with outstanding products and services. 

As we reflect on the year, we are extremely grateful to our customers for their continued business and partnership. Working together, we made some incredible achievements throughout the year that we’re excited to share. 

As we move into 2023, we’re looking forward to solving complex, people-risk challenges in the quickly changing, and uncertain environment ahead.

Here are five highlights from 2022 that stand out:

Celebrating Tessera Data Turning One!

First of all, we are proud to say Tessera has just celebrated its first birthday! This time last year, we were announcing the rebranding of three long-tenured data companies as one entity–Tessera Data. 

It’s been a successful year of establishing this new brand in the marketplace, and educating our customers on our strategy for structuring all our entities and people-data products under one brand, and sharing the broad footprint of services we can offer. 

We appreciated the warm welcome we received at the Professional Background Screening Association’s (PBSA) mid-year and annual conferences as Tessera for the first time, and coming off of multiple years of COVID delays. It was fantastic to see our customers in person once again.

Launching Our Customer Success Team

To give our customers a higher level of care, we established a dynamite Customer Success Team, led by Jen Hoots. Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are not only helping our customers get the most out of their people-data offerings but are also experts in the field.

Our CSM team’s focus is to guide our customers on their data journey and to address any ongoing challenges they may be facing–a true partner for our customers. After all, the success of our customers is one of our highest priorities, and this team is dedicated to making that happen.

Hardening Our Infrastructure

To better serve our customers, we began several backend improvements. These have helped us finetune our R&D processes and move to top-of-the-line technology, deploying observability, monitoring, and refined QA processes that support better data quality, speed, and reliability, along with a more scalable operating model. These proactive infrastructure measures also allow us to sidestep outages, improve speed, and scale search quantities more seamlessly.  

Additionally, we’ve worked hard to establish product development processes that identify customer-focused product feature requests to drive the product roadmap.  We deployed an internal tool that takes ideas generated from customers to help inform our future roadmap. We wanted to give a voice to our customers as part of our product development process.  

Early on, we saw consistent patterns that helped us to focus on what really matters to our customers, whether that’s expediting our turnaround times, expanding our on-demand court coverage, or supporting our growing customer base with faster and more efficient access to our people data. 

Investing in Our People

2022 was a year of investing in our people. We strategically identified areas where we needed additional expertise and support to improve our product offerings and ensure they meet the needs of our customers. This led to growing our headcount by 13%. 

Three executive additions throughout the year included my joining as Tessera’s new General Manager in May, Kalpit Patel joining as our Head of Engineering in June, and Gilad Horev coming onboard as our new VP of Product in December. 

We’ve focused on skills advancement across our teams as numerous Tesserans learned new skills through our annual learning and development initiatives, including our $3,000 per year education reimbursement stipend. Our people and their passion for data and helping create a safer future is part of what sets Tessera apart, and we want to continue investing in our team.

Building a Safer Future

Last but not least, part of our mission is to be the core data foundation for communities of the future, both online and off. This gives leaders and management vital people-data tools that help instill trust and safety within their communities. 

To that end, Tessera took a big step forward in community trust and safety by starting to work hand in hand with Inflection’s SafeDecision API. This spans across consumer-to-consumer marketplaces, the sharing economy, and beyond!

Thank you for joining us on our 2022 journey!

2022 was an exciting year. We worked through our fair share of challenges as we strived to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs to ensure we deliver even greater customer-driven offerings in 2023.

None of this could have been possible without our customers, and we look forward to continuing to grow and meet the changing market demands together. The sincerest of thanks for making all of this possible. Cheers to 2023!




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