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Motor Vehicle Record State DMV Fees

By Anna Renken

Are you looking to quickly identify and assess driver-related risk with a motor vehicle record search? Our Driver History product can help you find the details you need with one single affordable search!

The Cost of Motor Vehicle Records Searches

At Tessera, we value transparency. That’s why we want to ensure you have full visibility into what you can expect to pay when requesting a motor vehicle record from each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Each state imposes a “per-search” fee whenever anyone requests a motor vehicle record. In addition to this required state fee, if you partner with us for driver history searches, we’ll include a low, per-search fee as we help you navigate your way through the intricacies of the DMVs.

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Motor Vehicle Record State DMV Fees

As mentioned above, each motor vehicle record search conducted with a state’s DMV incurs a charge. Find out what each state’s fees are for a single motor vehicle report in the chart below.

Alabama $10.00
Alaska $10.00
Arizona $6.00
Arkansas $13.00
California $2.00
Colorado $2.00
Connecticut $18.00
Delaware $25.00
District of Columbia $13.00
Florida 3-year: $8.00

7-year: $10.00

Georgia 3-year: $6.00

7-year: $8.00

Hawaii $23.00
Idaho $10.00 
Illinois $20.00 
Indiana $10.00
Iowa $10.30
Kansas $16.70
Kentucky $6.00
Louisiana $18.00
Maine $7.00
Maryland $12.00
Massachusetts $8.00
Michigan $15.00
Minnesota $5.00
Mississippi $14.00
Missouri $2.88
Montana $7.87
Nebraska $7.50
Nevada $7.00
New Hampshire $18.00
New Jersey $12.00
New Mexico $6.50
New York $7.00
North Carolina $10.75
North Dakota $3.00
Ohio $5.00
Oklahoma $27.50
Oregon $13.99
Pennsylvania $16.00
Puerto Rico $19.00
Rhode Island $21.00
South Carolina $7.25
South Dakota $5.00
Tennessee $7.50
Texas $6.50
Utah $11.00
Vermont $18.00
Virginia $8.00
Washington $15.00
West Virginia $12.50
Wisconsin $7.00
Wyoming $5.00


Requesting Motor Vehicle Records with Tessera Data

Searching motor vehicle records directly from the DMV can be challenging and time consuming as you work through the applicable laws, permissible purposes, and necessary paperwork – which can differ by state. If you’re planning to search motor vehicle records in more than one state, the complexities just intensify.

Working with Tessera, a motor vehicle records provider, you’ll be well on your way to finding the driver-risk data you need. It will also save you an abundance of time and headache, particularly as you scale your searches! And, perhaps best of all, we charge just one low, per-search fee.

If you are currently using our Driver History product, your pricing was provided to you by your sales representative.  You can also reach out to your Account Manager for your current pricing. If you’re not a current Driver History customer, contact us to learn more about our motor vehicle records search and how we can help you assess driver-risk.

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