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Looking Back on the 2022 Mid-Year PBSA Conference

By Julia Williams

Every year we look forward to the chance to reconnect with our customers in person at the Professional Background Screening Association’s Conferences. The Mid-year PBSA Conference is no exception. 

Focused focused on legislative & regulatory topics in the background screening industry, this conference allows us the opportunity to build relationships while learning the latest on regulations, legislation, education, and compliance in the industry.

With the previous 2021 Mid-year PBSA Conference being strictly remote, the participation for this year’s event was much closer to pre-pandemic event attendance levels, reaching more than 400 attendees, and it exceeded our expectations.

2022 Mid-Year PBSA Conference Recap

The 2022 Mid-Year PBSA Conference took place in Arlington, VA with three days packed full of educational and networking opportunities. Lots of laughter and learning were had as attendees had the chance to meet with peers and partners. 

This event was an awesome occasion for professional growth and development through industry-expert-led conversations and panel discussions. There were an ample number of speaker sessions focused on education, industry trends, and best practices, including PBSA selected presentations that were approved for FRCA Basic Recertification. 

Top Background Screening Topics of Discussion

A few notable topics of discussion included:

  • How Regulatory and Legislative Changes are Impacting the Industry 
  • Navigating Litigation and Compliance Issues in Background Screening 
  • Best Background Screening Litigation Practices
  • Behind the Scenes of an FCRA Lawsuit 
  • Top Considerations for Employment Credit Screening 

Tessera Data’s Chief Operations Officer, Keoki Huffman, even took the stage on Tuesday afternoon alongside Megan Mitchell, a partner at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP to deep-dive into matching identifiers, maximum possible accuracy, and reducing false positives

This collaborative discussion was one out of eight FCRA Basic Certification approved speaker sessions. With perspectives from both the legal and operational aspects of background screening data, the speakers were able to give a well-rounded view of best matching practices. 

A Summary of Background Screening Industry Trends

While a lot of the core discussions revolved around regulations, redactions, litigation, and compliance – there were several new product offerings thrown in the mix. The screening process has been further extended to include additional services such as: 

Background screeners are taking their services one step further as personal identification identifiers are becoming increasingly more difficult to find to give organizations more options to assess candidates’ associated risk. 

Connecting with Colleagues at PBSA

The Mid-year PBSA Conference was the first event that Tessera Data has attended since our official launch in December of 2021, and it was an exciting time to reconnect with customers, friends, past colleagues, and industry experts.  

We made a splash as customers and vendors alike matched our Tessera brand, faces, and booth with our previous RapidCourt representation.

We look forward to reconnecting with each and every one of you at the Annual PBSA Conference in Colorado, but don’t be a stranger until then. Connect with us online until we see you in September!

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