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Whitepaper: Leveraging Automation to Improve Turnaround Times and Accuracy

By Greg Jones

More than 90% of employers in the United States are conducting criminal background screenings.

Since hiring managers are depending on consumer reporting agencies to help make important employment decisions for their organizations, there is a heightened demand for highly accurate reports. This is especially true with the current Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations that require maximum possible accuracy.

With the Great Resignation leading to a war on talent, the hiring process has become even more competitive. Employers are relying on background checks to be returned in a timely manner so they do not miss out on qualified candidates. There is more pressure to research, retrieve, analyze, and report background data in a quick, efficient fashion now than ever before.

Manage the Background Screening Pressures of Today

The traditional retrieval method of manually processing data and using court runners alone is no longer cutting it. A single court runner can only collect data one record at a time.

With automated court records researchers can obtain data from sources across all jurisdictions and court levels simultaneously. Automating the retrieval process of this valuable people data alone can greatly reduce the turnaround time of background checks.

After all, automation enhances repetitive, cumbersome tasks to streamline processes. With these streamlined, automated processes, the people data is linked directly to the source to boost accuracy by eliminating human error and bias in reporting. Discover the advantages of leveraging automation in background screening for accelerated, valid results.


Find Out How to Use Automation for Better Background Screening

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Meet the Author

Greg Jones is an executive with over 20 years of advanced analytics, data mining, and product management experience. At Tessera, he leads the Product and Data Analytics teams to drive the management and development of products that provide deep background data insights to solve complex customer problems.

As Chief Product Officer of a comprehensive line of automated data products – Mr. Jones hosted a speaker session on this specific topic – Leveraging Automation to Improve Turnaround Time and Accuracy at the 2021 Annual Professional Background Screening Association Conference (PBSA) in Anaheim, CA.


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