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How to Build a Brand: Journey to Tessera Data

By Julia Williams

Learning how to build a brand and retain brand recognition is critical for new companies, merging companies, and even acquired companies. After all, a company’s brand is essentially the face of the organization.

Of course, creating a value-driven brand takes time.  Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, your brand shouldn’t be either!

Building a Brand from Scratch

Creating a successful brand is way more than just a color palette and your favorite font, it is the external audience’s first impression of your organization and the way your company expresses its purpose.

1. Start with Market Research

Building a successful brand requires in-depth market research to better understand your target audience and your core competitors.

Having a pulse of what is already in the market will help you determine what elements you like and are successful, the language and brand identities of those companies, and how you will differentiate yourself.

2. Determine Your Organization’s Mission

After performing extensive, market research – the next step in laying down the foundation for your brand strategy is deciding your organization’s key mission and how you want to be represented in the industry.

This is a crucial step that will later impact your brand’s identity, voice, and personality.  Having a clear mission-driven focus will make creating compelling content to attract leads easier and more effective.

3. Select a Company Name

Here comes the hard part – taking all of that information and choosing a single name to embody your organization. You may even need to do additional research to make sure the name you want is not taken.

The naming exercise alone can take quite some time with a few different rounds of voting, market testing, and of course legal review and paperwork to make it official.

When it comes to choosing a name, there are three main objectives that should be considered:

  • Can my audience easily remember this name?
  • Will this name be easy to search and find?
  • Does this name prompt response from my audience?

4. Establish Core Messaging & the Perfect Tagline

Next up, actually creating the brand voice – a complex process of strategizing and pinpointing the overall directive you want to convey to your audience.

Determine a core message to write your brand story and connect that story with your organization’s values. Leverage this to then generate the perfect tagline.

5. Create Your Brand Identity

Now that you’ve discovered your brand’s underlying messaging, it is time to finalize fonts and colors that are connected with your visual identity.

Bringing those branding elements together, you can create a logo that incorporates all of the previously mentioned carefully strategized pieces.

After establishing your brand identity, you can apply the branding across your organization for consistency to be recognizable to your customers.

6. Build Your Brand Online

With the name and full visual identity for your brand worked out, it’s time to create your online presence.

Your website domain, email addresses, social media platforms, etc. should all be unified to coherently depict your brand to your internal team and external audience.

Now it is time for your brand to launch!

Launching a New Brand

Announcing a new company or big news of a company rebranding should be done with finesse as it is your first impression to the market. You only get one shot.

To make the most of your new brand launch, here are some steps to take into consideration.

1. Go Big and Broad with Your New Brand

Your brand launch strategy should be multi-channel to share this company milestone with your audience wherever they may be online and offline.

By distributing brand awareness content across channels, like your social media, personal outreach, email campaigns, and press releases, you’re already starting to build brand recognition!

2. Establish and Track Your Brand Launch Metrics

Any marketing launch comes with a slew of metrics to collect and track.  A brand launch is no different. Prior to launch, you will want to establish what a successful brand launch looks like.

At launch then you will want to carefully collect feedback and track analytics regarding your audience’s interactions with your new brand to determine if it is a success and what you may need to take another look at.

3. Conduct A/B Testing

With your new brand in the market, you should continue to perform A/B testing with your messaging in your emails, forms, landing pages, and website elements.

This will enable you to fine tune your brand strategy to be more impactful and stand out in the market.  After all, sometimes evolution can be more important than revolution!

The Journey to Tessera Data

Using the aforementioned, multi-step approach to construct a brand – here is the story of how three background data companies came together to form a unified organization.

Creating the Tessera Brand

Ultimately, we crafted a value-driven brand by focusing on Tessera Data’s organizational mission and vision.

The naming initiative alone took several rounds of discovery, feedback, and voting.

Tessera Data derived from specific objectives that aligned with the organization’s purpose – to enable users to see the bigger picture through comprehensive criminal insight.

The definition of a “Tessera” is a small block, a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic. Tessera was chosen because it aligns perfectly with the company’s vision to enable easily accessible reveal people data for risk identification, mitigation, and management to build safer communities across industries.

Once the brand name’s associated domains were secured, the legal entity restructuring process began.

While simultaneously undergoing an entire rebranding initiative – a key focus was spent strategizing the brand’s position with specific messaging to attract and engage the targeted audience while conveying the organization’s overall value proposition.

Once that was finalized, the vibrant, lively vision of Tessera Data was formed with a new logo, brand colors, and fonts.

Launching Tessera Data into the Market

In preparation for the new brand launch, Tessera Data orchestrated a multi-channel external approach to notify new and existing customers of the organizational change.

Using email campaigns, individual outreach, social media, press releases, and an entirely new website with updated contact information, we started to inform and educate the targeted audience.

The goal was not only to create and increase brand awareness but also to have a smooth transition for our customers through thorough and consistent communication.

Creating a meaningful brand is quite the challenge, but it lays the foundation for a successful organization with a united purpose and message.

Let Tessera Data help protect your brand by using informative criminal insight to identify and mitigate workforce and community risks.

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