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Gain Visibility Into Results with Source Transparency

By Tessera Data

The Challenges Behind Accessing Public Criminal Records

Criminal data is scattered across the nation through federal, state, county, and local courts. With 50 states and over 3,000 counties, retrieving dispersed records can be quite difficult. This task is not made any easier with the high variability in what personally identifiable information is accessible in each court’s records. 

Available data also differs based on various state regulations and redactions, adding to the challenge. 


The Scavenger Hunt for People-Data 

The challenge of finding people data continues as court record data varies by source location. Personally identifiable information, such as full name, date of birth, birth year, birth month and day, age, or address could be available, depending on the court. 

With redactions, things continue to increase in difficulty as certain case details may be prohibited from public view. This can involve the removal of personally identifiable information making researchers have to navigate additional hurdles in confirming that a record matches an individual being searched. 

For example, some state supreme courts are enacting policies to prohibit public access to date of birth information. Due to these policies, retrieving date of birth information in states like California and Michigan is becoming increasingly harder. 


Preview Criminal Information Availability for More Confidence in Decision-Making 

It can be difficult to make decisions on which data vendor and background screening solutions to utilize, especially when source information is not available. 

How are users supposed to make confident data buying decisions without having an understanding of what the sources make available? 

Using data providers that offer transparency into what criminal record details are available allows for more efficient, quality searches.

The Importance of Transparency in Court Records Search Results

Researchers can manage search costs by determining what counties or courts have the information they need. Users can save money, resources, and time by having a better understanding of what details the source’s records typically contain. 

Vendors that set expectations for record availability empower their clients to focus on the data that matters most. Customers have a better understanding of what to expect, with insight into how sources compare in terms of record detail.

Getting Court Records On-Demand

Tessera Data™ offers clarity on the depth of the information available by county or court based on where the automated criminal record search is run. Users can log in and view our new automated criminal tier Maps in the client portal. These valuable resources provide full visibility into the types of court record details you will receive from each search, helping our customers determine which search is best for their data needs. 


Advantages of Tessera Data’s Automated Criminal Records

Utilizing Tessera’s automated criminal records for real-time court searches allows background screeners to obtain information faster with automation using direct data retrieval. Information can be obtained with decreased turnaround times and human error with automation

With Tessera, customers have been able to speed up background screening turnaround times to 75% faster than traditional providers. 

Gain access to data straight from the source and to over 5,300 courts faster than ever, with search results typically available in under 5 minutes.

Streamline your criminal background research with automated technology processes to get immediate access to sex offender, federal, statewide, and county court information. 

Tessera has extensive data coverage and customizable, scalable solutions.

Learn more about Automated Criminal Records and get in touch with a member of the Tessera sales team for further explanation of how you can use Tier Maps as a self-service tool. 

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