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Background Screening Coverage You Can Count on

By Julie Price

What does that mean in the background screening world?

We’re all very familiar with the old cliche “Coverage You Can Count On”, but how is it applicable in the world of background screening?

By definition, coverage means “the extent to which something deals with or applies to something else“. In background screening, data coverage can have many different components. Here are a few:

  • For Criminal Database records, it means not just what percentage of the US population’s criminal data you can access, but the quality of that data, as well. You can gain access to 1 billion records, but if the data is dodgy (e.g., outdated, incomplete records, lacking PII) and not useful, coverage is lacking.
  • Within Automated Criminal Records, it means which sources within the scope of over 3,000 courts are available to you on-demand, what data they will deliver, and how accessible that data is.
  • With broad coverage, can technology help you sift through enormous amounts of background screening data to deliver only the data you need? Customized data coverage through filtering can give you just that!
  • Oh yes, coverage has a component of timeliness. Think about it. Does it benefit you to have coverage in a certain area if you can’t get the data when you need it?

With criminal records dispersed throughout the US across federal, state, and local courts, obtaining the background screening data coverage you need can be difficult. Tessera Data™ allows you to leverage automation as much as possible so the data coverage you get is delivered quickly, is in a format that is easily received and usable, and with human error minimized.

Rely on a User-friendly Search Experience to Become Familiar with Your Data Coverage

Knowing what coverage is available and accessible with an intuitive interface has become extremely important to background checkers. Tessera’s user-friendly interface can streamline the research process, helping you become laser focused on the necessary people data coverage you need quickly.

“Tessera makes it very easy to login to their Client Portal and run searches whenever I need them.”
– Candice Lettman, Research Case Manager, Whitesell Investigative Services, Inc.

Our up-to-date source lists (refreshed every 4 hours) help you know which sources are available. Categorizing those sources into tiers by the type of information you can pull from them lets you know exactly what type of data you can expect to find from each available source before you start a search.

Coverage is only as good as the mechanism to deliver the data you retrieve. Tessera offers flexible options for searching for people data that allows you to find the information you need within your current workflow, whether that’s through an API connection, a trusted platform partner, or our easy-to-use Client Portal.

How to Make Coverage Customizable with Flexible Search Options

Background data coverage needs to be customized and flexible to fit your ever-changing organizational needs. Sometimes, you might need full-scope options for your background screening process. Other times, you may just need information you can use to verify someone’s identity.  Tessera offers search options to streamline your search process and help deliver only the data that matters.

Advanced Technology Makes Data Coverage Available Quickly

Extensive coverage is beneficial only if the data available through that coverage is delivered in a timely manner. Otherwise, your competitor may just beat you to the punch. Where it is available, automation helps solve this issue. You’re much more competitive if you have coverage for criminal records in areas where you can retrieve data within 30 minutes instead of 1-2 days. Using automation, you could also see a cost savings of up to 35%.

A 24/7 View of Transparent Source Coverage

Tessera has a self-service way for you to access our Source Lists through our Client Portal. The jurisdictions covered can be reflected in your company’s customizable Tier Map to provide full transparency into what data your sources will provide. Source transparency is critical to understanding the people data elements you have access to through Tessera.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Having a strong line of communication with the Customer Success Team is another valuable consideration when thinking about reliable coverage. Understanding your needs and what data coverage is best for your business is one of their primary goals. They are here to guide you to achieve high efficiency with the background data coverage available to you.

Tessera Data Offers Outstanding Coverage

With Tessera’s people-data solutions, you decide what your coverage looks like and how you access the background screening data you need.

Discover Data that Makes the Difference

The Tessera team is committed to improving the people-data research process to help you Demand More from Your Data. Our innovative retrieval and delivery methods streamline the background screening process through:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Search data from over 10,000 sources with access to 99% of the United States population’s criminal data.
  • True Transparency: Know your sources with 24/7 access to the complete list of over 5,400 courts updated regularly as well as geographical tier maps showing what people data is available to you.
  • Faster Turnaround Times: Perform rapid real-time record retrieval and receive fast results, most often in 30 minutes or less.
  • Accuracy and Ease of Access: Automation helps deliver people data fast and, through filtering, removes human error and bias. You have options to access the data in a way that matches your workflow – Client Portal, standard or proprietary API or third-party platforms.
  • Outstanding Customer Experience and Customer-Centric Product Design: Our Customer Success Team is the voice of the customer, recognizing your needs and is here to help eliminate potential issues. Customer-centric product design means you have a say in the products, features, and services we design.

Let us show you the difference.

Connect with our sales team for more information about our quality background screening coverage and our line of people-data solutions.

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