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Direct DMV Driver History Reports

Quickly identify and assess driver-related risk in a single search that delivers organized results.

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Mitigate Risk with Driver History Data

Mitigate Risk with Driver History Data

If drivers are representing your organization or are customers of yours, then ultimately you could be responsible for them on the road.

Fortunately, understanding an individual’s risk on the road is easily done with motor vehicle records (MVRs). However, all DMVs are governed by their states’ rules and regulations with specific processes for reporting data. This can make finding and processing MVRs time consuming and frustrating.

Working with an MVR provider, like Tessera, ensures you’re getting the information you need for informed decision making by guiding you through the paperwork, processes, and vocabulary you need to know.

See What MVRs Can Do For You

Driving Record

Assess Driving Risk

Safeguard your reputation, assets, and others on the road— based on the individual’s complete motor vehicle history.

data insight

Understand Driver Privilege

Get a clear picture of an individual’s current driving privileges and the data to support it.


Find Driving Violations

Easily and accurately identify any driving violations and the severity of the violations.

View Past Accidents

Uncover recent accidents and their severity to help you assess a driver’s risk.

Driver History Searches from Tessera Data

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Motor Vehicle Records Search

Access motor vehicle records from DMVs across all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico with up to 7 years of coverage to find driver privilege, driving violations, violation classification, accidents, and more.

As the language used in driving record reports varies based on the individual state, we have implemented a simple naming system that helps organize an individual’s driver status into two categories for risk assessment precision.

Additionally, our tailor-made Vehicle Reports use a customer-centric design with a clear format and consistent reporting vocabulary to make them fast and easy to comprehend.

Why Work with Tessera

MVR Experts

Remove stumbling blocks from MVRs by working with data pros who know how to navigate the process.

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Scannable Results

Reduce variability in results formatting for consistent decision making with Tessera’s MVRs.

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Improved Accuracy

Leverage automation to pull reports quickly and accurately for better decision making.

Fast Turnaround Time

Search results are typically returned on the same day – don’t keep your clients waiting!

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