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Make Online Dating Safer

Give online daters the added safety measures they are looking for. Mitigate risk for online daters and keep them safer by empowering them with deep people-risk data.

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Online Dating Safety

Reduce Online Dating Risks with Criminal Record Searches

Reduce Online Dating Risks with Criminal Record Searches

Tessera™ helps you strengthen the trust-and-safety level of online dating platforms with access to one of the largest criminal databases in the US.

Our solution uses advanced technology to deliver valuable criminal information instantly. That way, online dating participants have more insight into whom they’re matched with to make informed decisions before interacting with them.

Address Risks in the Online Dating Community

Screen Potential Matches

Make it simple and convenient for online dating users to instantly search potential matches against one of the largest criminal databases in the US. 


Elevate User Safety

Allow users to make informed decisions about who they date with safety screenings that pull valuable criminal and sex offender data.

Provide Peace of Mind

Give dating community participants the added peace of mind they are looking for with an extra layer of safety precautions on your dating platform.

manage deceitful applicants

Uncover Historical Behavior

Let daters know upfront if someone has a history of criminal physical violence, abuse, or financial wrongdoing before they get involved with a known predator.

How do you know if a person is a safety risk?

Online daters should be able to trust the dating apps they use to offer a safe online dating experience.

However, studies show 3 out of 4 women do not feel safe when online dating, and in 2021 alone, $1.5 billion was fraudulently scammed from online daters.

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Tessera can reduce online dating fears by providing fast,  comprehensive criminal data searches. This enables online daters to know beforehand whether a potential match has a troubling criminal past.

Empower your online dating community to assess the potential risk of an individual by performing criminal record searches before they interact with potential matches.

Why not include Tessera in your arsenal efforts to help reduce violent and financial crimes committed by those who use online dating to target unsuspecting users? 

By elevating trust in your platform, you could help reduce churn in the community, positively impacting your bottom line.

Why Work with Tessera

Protect Your Reputation

Enhance the online dating process and elevate trust in your platform with access to over 915 million criminal records.

Access Extensive Coverage

Gain access to criminal records that cover 98% of the United States population for deep people-risk insights.

Find Criminal Insights Quickly

With Tessera, you can find the people-risk insights you are searching for instantly through our criminal data API.

Work with Industry Leaders

Trust the people-data expertise of the Tessera team. We’ve been providing data for over 35 years for better informed safety decisions.

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