Community Criminal Database
Community Criminal Database

Build Safer Communities with Criminal Data

Mitigate risk and keep your community safe by searching deep criminal records. They enable informed trust and safety decisions that can help protect digital communities and marketplaces from potential bad actors.

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Community Criminal Database

Manage Community Risk with Criminal Records Research

Manage Community Risk with Criminal Records Research

Bad actors can cause irreparable damage to your company’s brand, reputation, and even profitability. Protect your community.

Enable community members to assess the potential risk of an individual by performing their own criminal record search before any interaction occurs with our instant criminal database search.

It offers the key people-risk information you need to help make important trust and safety decisions.

Be Proactive to Reduce People Risk

Search Deep Criminal Data

Get the full picture of someone’s criminal past with a thorough search of criminal records, sex offender registries, security watchlists, and more!

community protection

Enhance Community Safety

Allow your community’s users to verify and vet out potentially dangerous individuals to avoid high-risk situations, online and offline.

Find Frauds First

Investigate a user’s real-world identity in seconds—not hours or days—helping you optimize conversions, deter fraud, and meet compliance mandates.

Build Customer Loyalty

Go the extra mile to show your customers you care about their safety by providing them the information they need to make informed safety decisions.

Community Criminal Database Searches from Tessera Data™

Use better data to get better insights with one of the largest criminal databases in the United States.

You’ll gain access to over 915+ million criminal records that cover 98% of the United States population to easily understand an individual’s previous run-ins with the law and their associated person risk.

Deep Dive into Our Data Sources

  • 70+ department of correction sources
  • 80+ Patriot Global watch list sources
  • 65+ sex offender sources
  • 265+ warrant sources
  • 1,110+ arrest sources
  • 790+ court sources
  • 5,500+ government sources
  • 12M+ mugshots

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Why Work with Tessera


Extensive Data Coverage

Access our instant criminal database covering more than 98% of the US population for immediate people-risk insights.

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Search Once for Deep Insights

Save valuable resources by running one comprehensive criminal records search rather than finding and searching each source individually.

Fast Access to People Data

Run people searches immediately through our user-friendly client portal while you connect to our modern criminal data API integration.

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Constant Source Additions

Gain access to 3 – 5 new sources weekly in addition to other consistent database improvements that keep our criminal database in high demand!

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Online Communities

See how people-risk insights can help build safer online communities.

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Visitor Management

Check out how criminal data is being used in visitor management systems.

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Online Dating

Understand how criminal data is being used for online dating safety.

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