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Our background data solutions allow organizations to assess people-related risks to build and manage safer communities. 

We take pride in helping consumer reporting agencies, businesses, and communities make better-informed decisions to protect their brand, users, customers, employees, and the list goes on.

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Community Criminal Database

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Trust and safety knows no boundaries. That’s why Tessera Data offers background data solutions to consumer reporting agencies and other risk management professionals to help establish safe communities at home, at work, and beyond. Select an industry to learn more about how Tessera can help you establish trust and safety.

Community Management

Reduce the number of bad actors on your platform with comprehensive background data.

Community Trust & Safety

Consumer Reporting Agencies

Mitigate and manage workforce-related risk with pre- and post-hire screening solutions.

Workplace Trust & Safety

Insurance Agencies

Use a driver’s motor vehicle record history for your insurance needs.

Driver Screening

Private Investigators

Locate the hard-to-find people data that can make or break your investigation.

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Team up with Tessera to set a higher standard for trust & safety insights and risk management.

With our extensive line of background data searches, you’ll find flexible and scalable products to fit your unique and evolving needs for direct screening and better results.

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