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Bringing Data Together to Build Safer Communities

We are Tessera™ – a leading background data provider with specialized expertise in criminal records, court data, and motor vehicle report retrieval for people-risk insight assessment and management.

We are laying the foundation for the communities of the future, both online and off. Our work with criminal data gives leaders and management vital tools that instill transparency and tranquility within their communities.

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A Unified Powerhouse for People-Risk Data

Tessera Data has brought multiple specialized, wholesale screening solution providers together to become a unified powerhouse for people-risk data to help build workplace and community trust & safety

Who we are
Who We Are

Our data experts come from all areas of the background screening industry offering a deep understanding of the ins and outs of background data and the challenges you’re facing today.

What we do
What We Do

We are driven by building a safer future through the consolidation and organization of fragmented background screening data to provide a more complete picture for assessing person-driven risk.

Who we help
Who We Help

Our work helps organizations make better-informed decisions regarding their members to help build safe, trusted communities.

Make Data Make Sense

You shouldn’t have to choose between quantity and quality – with Tessera Data you can
have both!

Direct Source Data

Our solutions use innovative technology to automatically retrieve data directly from the source and then applies a matching logic that returns records as they appear within the court’s database. This reduces human error and bias resulting in better decision making.

Custom Search Options

To ensure Tessera Data customers have full control over their searches, we offer the ability to customize search criteria across our extensive, top-notch data using filtering, data-quality assurance processes, and frequent updates.

Data Quality Control

Choose how you want to facilitate accuracy through a combination of acquisition efforts and quality control audits, including our data experts continuous audit program on regularly acquired historical datasets where they manually review a sample of our records.

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Discover the Tessera Difference

Fast Turnaround Time

Receive instant database results and up-to-the-minute rapid real-time data through our innovative data automation technology to meet your tight turnaround time requirements.

Deep Data Insight

Streamline your searches with our fast, transformative data solutions with access to national record retrieval for criminal court data, and motor vehicle records through a single trusted provider

Remote Data Solutions

Find and access compiled data packages through your preferred access points —client portals, partner integration platforms, or proprietary APIs – to work the way you work.

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